Sept. 20, 2019 Symposium: Skills for the Aging Brain

Registration is NOW OPEN for our annual educational symposium – Skills for the Aging Brain. The aging process affects our brains in predictable patterns. To compensate, we must develop the insights and skills which offset the predictable declines. This symposium will look at the exact effects of aging and how to overcome those effects.

A Precarious Journey to Memory Care

Written by a Memory Center Charlotte caregiver, who wished to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of this piece. We appreciate such an honest portrait of a difficult transition, it is so valuable for others to learn from those who are experiencing this first-hand. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Sobbing noises woke me up in the middle of Read More

Purging the Caregiver’s “House” in the New Year, Kondo-style

You may have heard about the new craze in home organization, developed by Marie Kondo, an organizing consultant and international best-selling author of “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. Her book and new Netflix series are both dedicated to teaching folks how to declutter their homes, her philosophy being “keep only items that spark joy”. Read More


This poem was written in 2017 by Edmund Fitzgerald who was a caregiver for his wife Pat. The frightened look, the unformed words. Sadness in your eyes, a cry for help. Unable to understand, to accept. Your womanhood is slipping away. There is no yesterday, hardly a tomorrow. Our worlds closing in, friends lost. Simple Read More

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